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Better Horses Radio - Local, National, & World Wide programs! Better Horses airs weekly on a National program that has over 25 stations across the Midwest as well as a Local KC Style program that airs on KCMO Talk Radio. And just recently, we have expanded to include a world wide show! These programs offer education and information on a wide range of topics such as horses, horses training, cowboys and cowgirls, some cattle and even Roy Rogers!  Visit our Stations page to learn more about these programs and where you can tune in to hear the next show.  Want to listen to a previous show? No worries!  We will list our most recent show below. You can also check out our archives at your convenience.  If you can’t find a particular show, please send us an email and our staff will help get you a copy. Grab your ice tea, turn the volume up, and enjoy the show! Better Horses Radio Show National 10/16/16 Inspirational message by PRCA Announcer- Boyd Polhamus; guests include Tom Watson,; Dwight Bilyk,; and Denny Hassett,  Better Horses Radio Show KCMO Style 10/16/16 Inspirational message with Frank Slaughter,; guests include Mission Valley Hunt Club Lona Alexander & Janet Bennett; John Paul,; and Ernie Rodina with an update on Better Horses Properties.  Check Out Better Horses Radio World Wide Show - Oct 8th   Ruben VanDorp   Inspiration and Prayer   Tom Watson Driven at doing his best with Cutting Horses; his first competitive  weekend.   Mike Miola  Update on some great promotions at Silver Spurs Equine.   Sgt. Joey Roberts Behind the scenes with the Kansas City, MO Mounted Patrol     Coldwater Kansas Event Great time yesterday in Coldwater Ks Event with John Paul, Barry Ward, Justin McKee, and Duck Dynasty's John Godwin. The Better Horses Radio is one of the most Popular Equine Related Radio Programs in the Midwest and is aired on stations throughout the country!
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As you shop for all your Equine  needs, please keep in mind that  these educational opportunities are  brought to you by the sponsors. We  feel these companies offer superior  products and services to horsemen  and encourage you to find out more  by clicking their logos and learning  more about what they have to offer. 



CLICK HERE:  Better Horses Radio Show World Wide
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Better Horses Makes it to the Big Screen! Better Horses is now airing bi-monthly on Better Kansas City on KCTV5!  “Our goal is to raise awareness and get people interested in furthering their knowledge of horses and the horse industry,” shared Ernie Rodina. “It is going to be great for the Kansas City area, giving us a chance to showcase Kansas City’s Horse Community.” Check out the latest October 21st segment below where hosts Ernie Rodina and Elisabeth Rentschler get the scoop from PonyUp Technologies, Inc. CEO Sharon Caswell on a great new product called VetCheq. View previous segments by visiting Better Kansas City website. Better Kansas City website.
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The Better Horses KC Style Radio show will now be available via podcast! The shows will be accessible Tuesday afternoons following the Sunday aired date. CLICK HERE
Offered for Sale 2yr Old Filly: Selfs Shining Star
15" Saddle King of Texas
A Letter From  Tom Seay! To Best of America Family, Just a note to let you know you and your horses are welcome to stay over at the farm as you travel through Virginia. As a member of the Best of America Family, there is no charge for hook ups, stalls, turn out, parking or to ride the farm. No charge at all.  You are my guest. Easy access for any size rig at any time except during a major scheduled event.  >> Read More!
Cattlemen & Cattlewomen, What a great opportunity to work with one of the best with Justin McKee. Justin is looking for good people that have good grass that are looking for good cattle. Email Justin at!