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Page Up Contact Us Network Radio With the creation of the Better Horses Network, and it's tremendous growth and popularity of the Better Horses Network Publication which is filled with news and information for Equine Enthusiasts- could it be possible for Ernie Rodina to have found any better way to provide news and equine information to the horse owner.  If you know Ernie Rodina, you know better than to put anything past him in his abilities to accomplish something bigger and better.  So not surprisingly, he done it again.  On Sunday, February 13,2005, a new radio program debuted with the Better Horses Radio Show.  Now on stations throughout the Midwest, you can listen to the Better Horses Radio Show each week.  Once you listen to the show, you'll know that Ernie was destined  to be a Radio Personality.  Dawn Dawson a barrel racing clinician, State Director, and trainer was his first guest on his first show.  She was asked to come back to be Ernie's co-host and she has been a part of the show ever since.  Ernie and Dawn will provide you entertainment and education in the horse world like none other.  The Better Horses Radio Show include interesting interviews with equine clinicians, veterinarians, and horse trainers.  You will also be able to find out about Key Events coming up in different areas.  In 2006 we added a cattle tip segment for those interested in that area.  Our most popular segment has to be the first part of the show , where we have Key Horse partners and Cowboy Church Pastors lead us in a prayer to start off the show.  Already in the program's short history, Better Horses Radio have had guests like Al Dunning, Shawn Flarida, Martha Josey, Kerry Kuhn, Trevor Brazile, and many, many others.  We've heard from C&W and Western Music  Entertainers like RW Hampton, Belinda Gail, Rusty Rierson, Lyle Lovett, and Moe Bandy.  You will also get to hear from our own cowboy entertainer, Geff Dawson.  TAKING IT TO ANOTHER LEVEL WITH BETTER HORSES WORLD WIDE NETWORK!!!  We have the Better Horses Radio National Show available to affiliates across the country and now BEGINNING ON SEPTEMBER 6, 2014, BETTER HORSES WORLD WIDE NETWORK IS EXPANDING TO DIGITAL!!!  TUNE IN ON SATURDAY MORNINGS AT 9:00 CST TO THE BETTER HORSES WORLD WIDE NETWORK AND CATCH AN HOUR OF SOME GREAT EQUINE ENTERTAINMENT AND INFORMATION where yours truly will be broadcasting from my barn!!.   Just go to or go to and click the Radio Star Icon.  And go to Better Horses World Wide Network and sit back and listen.  Better Horses World Wide Network will be available on ALL MOBILE APPS!!!!   We want you to keep listening to our Better Horses Radio Show on your local affiliate, Better Horse World Wide Network will be a totally different show.  Whether you listen online to our archived shows, your local radio affiliate, or now digital on Better Horses World Wide Network, I am sure you will enjoy the show.  We will be talking to you on the Next---Better Horses Radio Show! Ernie Rodina
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